Chapter 4 - What Is Your Philosophy?


"A man is known by his actions and by his words. But sometimes it may appear that he is doing something, but he may be thinking something else. So a man is really known when he speaks, then everything is revealed. So if this Mayavadi sannyasi does not speak, then he can fool everyone. But if you force him to speak he will expose himself therefore he is silent. Even he remains silent, we shall speak very loudly and expose these bogus men. Let our philosophy be challenged by anyone and we shall defeat them." (Hiranyagarbha, 11/22/71)

Note: We have challenged these "gurus" to debate, but they decline. If they speak, they know they will expose themselves. So they are remaining silent. But we are speaking very loudly, and we will continue to speak very loudly until the entire world knows exactly how debauched these "guru" really are or until they resign, whichever comes first. Debate is the civilized method of settling such disputes since time immemorial. Failure to accept a challenge to debate is non-different from admitting defeat."Silence means acceptance." But in Kali-yuga, it is very difficult to get justice from anyone, what to speak of "gurus" who claim to be beyond morality. Actually these men are already defeated, but, just like the monkey caught grasping the banana in the coconut, they refuse to let go, even though they know it means they will have to pay dearly in the end. Prabhupada has also said, "The difference between a gentleman and a rascal is, a gentleman, when he is caught doing something wrong, he will immediately stop. But a rascal will continue."

"I am very glad that you are challenging all of these so-called swamis and gurus. My Guru Maharaja appreciated devotees who boldly presented our Vaishnava philosophy. We must take advantage of every opportunity to defeat these rascals and drive them away, so please continue this strong attitude." (Bahulasva, 11/30/71)

Note: There are a class of devotees today who are against "ISKCON" but are not in favor of any kind of confrontation. They say, "Let them dig their own graves." That would be fine except for one thing: They are burying Srila Prabhupada and his mission along with themselves. For those devotees who are adamant not to resist the deviation, we have no ill feeling. If they are taking the path of no criticism, then they should not be hypocritical. They should not criticize us for wishing to follow Srila Prabhupada's directions above by confronting the representatives of the bogus institution. Otherwise, if these so-caned peaceful devotees, who are outside the walls of ISKCON, criticize us, the saner section should realize that such moral cowards are lending indirect support to the current imposition going on within the walls.

"But one thing is, we have not got anything to gain by fighting the demons in the streets and courts.' No, our process of solving the matter is simple, why should we unnecessarily take botheration for fighting? Only after exhausting every possibility of peaceful solution shall weight anyone. Just like Krishna. He did not call for fighting until after every chance for settlement failed.

"So we shall try to overcome our opponents by, first our words and our behavior, and all means of friendly approach we shall attempt by sober planning, and only later, all else failing, shall we actually fight. That is our philosophy. And if we stick to these lines of politics and diplomacy as set out for us by Krishna, we shall expect always victory, without any doubt." (Balavanta, 12/13/72)

Note: Last October we made is known throughout ISKCON that we were not going to simply lay down and let Kirtanananda step all over us and destroy our family. Since then we have been constantly pressuring the GBC to do something about Kirtanananda. Finally Kirtanananda himself, getting worn down by our constant exposes' on his character, petitioned the GBC to settle the matter for him. Unfortunately for him, the GBC confirmed that Kirtanananda's behavior was grossly out of line for a supposed Vaishnava. Still Kirtanananda refuses to rectify his debauched behavior. After this book is completed, we will have exhausted every avenue toward a peaceful solution. Then, if necessary, we will fight. As stated above, we will have Krsna on our side.

"I am glad you are cooperating with Madhavananda. That I want. As long as we are sincere there is no question of split amongst us. The split only means someone is not sincere, otherwise there is no question of it." (Mukunda, 2/1/74)

Note: The system to find out who is sincere and who is insincere, in civilized society, is by proper Vaishnava debate. If one side refuses to even start making the arrangements for such a confrontation, then that is a clear indicator of who is insincere. Up to this point, the GBC has totally ignored the challenges of the numerous devotees who have been outraged by this guru imposition and their behavior. In many instances, as in Mother Jadurani's case, they have resorted to violence in order to snuff out any opposition. Therefore, the outcome of a proper debate is already known to many. Therefore, even more adamantly, they refuse to debate. And even more adamantly, we are prepared to fight them.

"Your questions are certainly not stupid. They are very intelligent questions and I am just pleased to discuss all these matters threadbare." (Pradyumna, 10/13/69)

Note: Is the GBC prepared to discuss the appointment matter threadbare? Hardly. So far they've refused to discuss it all. They've been employing the political tactic known as stonewalling. In simple terms, that means they are ignoring the issue, hoping it will go away.

Analyzing a subject matter threadbare does not mean unscrupulous editing. A prime example of unscrupulous editing is the Preface to Sridhar's book, Search for Krsna, compiled by Dheera Krsna (See Chapter Six, Part One). Another prime example is Satsvarupa's editing of Sridhar Maharaja's March of 1978 talks on the implementation of appointed gurus. Those talks, after Satsvarupa's editing job, formed the entire bogus guru manifesto as though Prabhupada's books had suddenly vanished from the face of the earth.

"Therefore the management should be done very cautiously so that everyone is satisfied in their autonomous managing capacity. Of course the central point is the order of the Spiritual Master and I am very glad that you are trying to give importance to this aspect of management. The difficulty is sometimes things are interpreted in a manner dovetailing one's own sense gratification. I have got this personal experience in my Guru Maharaja's institution. Different Godbrothers took the words of Guru Maharaja in different interpretations for sense gratification and the whole mission disrupted. This is still going on for the last 40 years without any proper settlement. I am always afraid of this crack, but I am sure if our aim is to serve Krishna sincerely and the Spiritual Master simultaneously, that will be our success." (Tamala, 10/18/69)

Note: ISKCON is exactly following in the footsteps of the Gaudiya Math. What makes that so abominable is that Prabhupada gave ample wan-ring of this in numerous letters and in the books as well. Therefore no sane person can blame Srila Prabhupada for not instructing us in how to avoid these pitfalls. Herein Srila Prabhupada says that the dovetailing principle can be rationalized and thus lead the wayward disciple down the path of sense gratification in the name of service to the mission. Srila Prabhupada specifically states that he is always afraid of this crack. But if there was an open format for debate, then these things could be quickly exposed and thereby avoided.

"I have never advised him (Kirtanananda) to act like that... I have already written to inform you that somehow or other he has become crazy; otherwise he would not have disobeyed me to go directly to NY. For the time being he has cut all link with me. Therefore any instruction given by him is unauthorized and should at once be rejected. He has no right to dictate as he has without my sanction... I am very sorry that he is exploiting his present position as a sannyasa in this way." (Brahmananda, 10/14/67)

Note: At present the GBC "has cut all link" to Srila Prabhupada on account of their dictating, supposedly on Prabhupada's behalf, without following Prabhupada's instructions. Prabhupada's instructions are clearly given in his books, letters, and tapes. We are prepared to present these truths in formal debate. But a proper debate is a serious matter. In Vedic culture it could take much more time to prepare for the debate as the debate itself. First all the terms have to be defined to the satisfaction of both parties. That in itself can become a separate debate. In the case today, it will take many months to prepare for a debate since Srila Prabhupada's complete instructions have hardly been touched. Only the books have any indexes at all. The Caitanya-caritamrta index is next to useless and must be done over again. The lectures, which in themselves will make up as many volumes as all the books, have not been touched as of yet. They are transcribed and on microfilm, but they have not been indexed. 7,000 personal letters also have not been indexed. Once all these teachings have been indexed, they have to be categorized. That means pulling out everything said on a particular subject and analyzed in context. Many statements, taken by themselves, appear contradictory to other statements. So to properly analyze any subject, all of the statements on that subject must be available and taken into consideration. This should have been the first and foremost project undertaken by the GBC immediately after Srila Prabhupada's departure. Instead they spent their entire tune plotting and scheming how to fool their Godbrothers into thinking they had been appointed pure devotees. Prabhupada's teachings were literally put on the back shelf the second these men became "gurus." They have remained there ever since as far as ISKCON's "guru" are concemed.

"Because we are all individuals sometimes there is disagreement between devotees. When non-devotees quarrel they cannot stop and end up killing each other. But the devotees disagreement does not last long because they patch it up for Krsna's sake, because they are all working for the same end-Krsna's service." (Bhumata, 3/10/73)

Note: We are ready to talk and have been for the last year. We do not claim to be great pure devotees, but we do claim to be devotees. At present there is a very big point of disagreement amongst us. We are doing our share of the work in trying to bring this disagreement to a conclusion, but there must be a two-way street. If the so-called direct representatives of Srila Prabhupada are actually devotees, then they should accept our challenge to formal debate on all the matters discussed in this book. If they are not devotee...

"You say that someday you hope to be useful, but you are already useful-you are sending checks. This is the best useful. You are remembering me and chanting Hare Krishna. This is Krsna consciousness.

"Regarding the other matters, a difference between Godbrothers is natural. That difference of opinion will continue, what can be done. Siddha Swarupananda Maharaja and his group, whenever they see me they give me money. So they are not against me. So it is a natural thing for the brothers to fight, as long as they all stay obedient to the father.

"Do whatever you like, but do not forget chanting and following the rules and regulations. That will save you. (Bhurijana, 9/11/75)

Note: Here it is clearly stated that disagreements between Godbrothers are natural and cannot be avoided. The disagreements spoken of here, however, are not of the same caliber as are the conflicts going on between the different warring factions in ISKCON today. Today's conflicts fall in the category of one party "not staying obedient to the father." Therefore they must be confronted and rectified. They cannot be brushed off as simple personality conflicts as above. The statement, "do whatever you like" does not mean that all of Srila Prabhupada's disciples should go away and let the deviants run rampant with Prabhupada's reputation and movement. The time is long overdue to settle up all these burning issues before real violence enters the arena of conflict.

"You mentioned that your pathway has become filled with stumbling blocks, but there are no stumbling blocks, I can kick out all those stumbling blocks immediately, provided you accept my guidance. With one stroke of my kick I can kick out all stumbling blocks... In the beginning there were no doubts, but by bad association you have now got doubts. (Krsnadasa, 9/9/72)

Note: "Prabhupada lives eternally in his books." If that is true, as any sane disciple knows, then what is keeping us from right now taking Prabhupada's guidance and kicking out the doubts? The lazy man's way to the truth is to think a trance medium can help us to get the essence without having to study. But we do not need a trance medium to tell us what is in Prabhupada's books. Amogha Lila's dreams may contain some truths, but then they may contain some falsities also. Who cares? We do not require to gamble on such important matters. We are interested in what Prabhupada says, and only what Prabhupada says. Many devotees claim that Amoga's dreams are self-contradictory, and not in logical accordance with Srila Prabhupada's teachings. Why would Prabhupada reveal, through one of his disciples, that there have been very serious deviations by the GBC, and, in the same breath, exhort his disciples to follow the GBC no matter what they say? This is not possible. Prabhupada's books condemn that way of thought. Therefore we don't need to gamble. Prabhupada gave ample instruction on all such serious matters. The solution to these stumbling blocks is clearly given in the letter above. Srila Prabhupada's guidance is still completely available to us. He was not speaking in parables or a foreign language. He spoke very directly and clearly. We don't need a trance medium to re-translate Prabhupada's instructions. We simply need some serious devotees to sit down to read and index Prabhupada's books, letters and lectures. That is real trance.

"So my oral instruction as well as my books are all at your service. Now you GBC consult them and get clear and strong idea, then there will be no disturbance. Disturbance is caused by ignorance; where there is no ignorance, there is no disturbance." (Hayagriva, 9/14/70)

Note: Here Prabhupada is telling us how to settle this guru-issue: study his oral and written words. When we do this, and when we simultaneously follow Srila Prabhupada's instructions, we remove ignorance. By doing that, the disturbances come to an end. There is no other way.

At tills year's Mayapur meeting, due to the pressure against them, the GBC has appointed a committee to study the guru-issue. The report is to be finished by next Mayapur. But it has long since been established that conspiracy and deviation was involved from the onset. There will be no solution to the disturbance by stalling for tune in hopes that some new philosophy will pop up and get them out of their predicament. The damage done to the movement and Godbrothers cannot be swept aside. It is ignorance to think it can. No one can have his cake and eat it too. No one can live like a king for seven years on the sweat and blood of their Godbrothers, and not have to pay for it. They must pay for it, because they did not deserve it. The Godbrothers have been cheated. Therefore Prabhupada says that such "gurus," who imitate the devotional sentiments and ecstasies, "go to the darkest region of hell and take their followers with them." A desperate man cannot get out of this quandary simply by word jugglery. The disturbance can only be removed by returning to square one. This whole thing has to be rectified right from the roots. Cosmetic adjustments cannot buy much more time. Someone may be on a high opulent seat now, but if he does not deserve that seat, he may be working an ordinary job for his subsistence in the not too distant future.

It's exactly like a lazy man who deals in illegal drugs. He gets involved in making huge volumes of easy money, and he enjoys like anything for some time. Eventually, however, he realizes that he is in way over his head. Then he must live in constant fear, while trying to find a way out of his dirty business. These "gurus" have been twisting Srila Prabhupada's clear instructions for some time now in order to justify their imposition. In fact they were soundly exposed as early as 1980 but they wiggled out of that one in a most heinous way. There will be no such clever escape this time. The entire scam is exposed in its entirety. So watch where the money goes temple leaders and collectors. These men do not want to go back to washing dishes and pumping gas for a living.

"Regarding Bali Mardan, he has not resigned and until he or some other member does so there shall not be any change in the members of the GBC. If there is such resignation the candidates will be Gaursundar, Mukunda and Gurudasa for replacement by vote of the remaining members of the GBC. But why have you taken information on this important matter from Gurudasa? You should not 'understand' from Gurudasa; you should understand from me." (Rupanuga, 11/13/70)

Note: Needless to say, in the important matter of who is going to instruct new devotees, Prabhupada would not have recommended "understanding" from Sridhar Maharaja, but he would have said the exact same thing: "Understand from me." In another letter Prabhupada makes very clear, "If it is not from me in writing, don't believe it. There are so many Prabhupada says." It is commonly known that Prabhupada did give instruction that we could go to Sridhar Maharaja for technical advice on etiquette, formalities, etc., but not on matters involving the future management of the entire mission. Sridhar Maharaja himself admitted his inability to comprehend such a vast organization. We are willing to prove these points in a debate in which all devotees of Srila Prabhupada will be allowed to attend.

"I am glad that you have admitted about the GBC members not very appropriately discharging their duty. I do not mind this discrepancy but you should be alert; you and all GBC members. We are now growing in volume all over the world dealing with public money. People have respect for our movement. Now it is time for GBC members to be very, very careful so that people may not point out any black spot in the behavior of our society. I have issued a letter to all the GBC members only for this purpose that each one of you should always think how to improve the cause and advance our society and as soon as there is some good point you can communicate with your colleagues and give some decision and put it before me so that I can give my final approval." (Tamala, 9/1/71)

Note: "It will be solved when I am present." "Put it before me so I can give my final approval." "Understand from me." This is the process for settling all discrepancies, but, unfortunately, these GBC men rejected Srila Prabhupada's books and went to Sridhar Maharaja instead. Even if they knew he would approve of their appointing "gurus," still they had to edit his words to fit their plan.

"You have mentioned about some criticism made by Jayagovinda which upset you. I do not know exactly what is the point, but if there is some honest criticism, there should be no cause of becoming upset." (7/28/69)

Note: Our criticism is honest. We do not claim to be perfect but we have formed a board of sincere and serious brahmins who have thoroughly scrutinized this entire book, point by point, before printing. We feel we have presented Prabhupada's teachings as they are. But if there is disagreement, then there is only one way to find out. A proper debate. Anyone can vilify, and many have previously done so, but it takes time and thought to study and analyze Prabhupada's teaching, the sound and honest basis for debate. But if they reject our honest criticism, then we have good cause for becoming upset-very upset.

"I thank you very much for your very nice presentation of the issue of birth. You have assimilated the process of birth very nicely through the books. This has pleased me very much and I wish that all my students can become adept at presenting the information in the books like this. You can make this a grand subject for agitation in that country and your preaching on this point alone will make you very famous. Therefore you should speak everywhere on this subject matter from the Bhagavatam and Gita and you will be glorified. As the disciple is glorified so also the spiritual master becomes glorified more. Use this issue to advance your propaganda and become a leader in the society." (Tusta Krsna, 9/18/76)

Note: From the above letter, it is clear that there is nothing wrong with becoming famous as a powerful preacher and devotee. The problem is that those who deviate from their guru try to be glorified independent. So instead of glorifying the Spiritual Master even more, they defame him. Prabhupada accomplished more than his Guru Maharaja, as far as spreading Krsna consciousness goes, but he gave all the credit to Srila Bhaktisiddhanta and therefore Srila Bhaktisiddhanta became more glorified. Prabhupada never thought he was on his own. He was successful because he strictly followed the instructions of his own Guru Maharaja.

"The order of the spiritual master is the active principle in spiritual life. Anyone who disobeys the order of the spiritual master immediately becomes useless." (Adi 12, p. 6)

If we disobey the instructions of Srila Prabhupada, then we are no better than prostitutes. According to Chanakya Pandit, no one respects the pregnancy of a prostitute any more than one respects the impregnation of a man's mind with knowledge if it is not heard from one's bona fide guru. Prabhupada was not interested in personal glorification. He wants to see everyone become Krsna conscious. That is accomplished by powerful preachers. The world is there.

But in order to do this, the devotees already existing must not be scattered via deviations from the Absolute Truth. When they find that they are scattered, they must have the intelligence and courage to see why that has happened and rectify that situation. Therefore there is need for a debate on all these integral issues if we are to glorify Prabhupada even more.

"So far the impersonalist rascal, you may simply challenge him by asking, "What is your philosophy?" It is not very difficult to defeat these persons, because they haven't got any substance. Simply big words. But we have got our books, Bhagavad-gita; if you engage him in public debate, politely handle his statements with a cool head and reply from the authority of our books, that's all. Krishna will give you all help to expose his lack of knowledge and his faulty understanding." (Sri Galim, 12/17/71)

Conclusion: So now the devotees-and the GBC should cooperate with this-should arrange for an international conference. Everyone serious about Prabhupada's mission should be invited. ISKCON can immediately arrange for the plane fares for the devotees. They have a right to this. This debate can then go on until the self-evident truth is revealed. It may take months. In preparation, an of Srila Prabhupada's words must be indexed and categorized. DAS can do this in three months if ISKCON supplies the men and money. There is no real money problem in this. The amount spent for one insert in the LA Times to advertise the 1984 LA Rathayatra (over $100,000) could have financed the entire project. Mukunda Maharaja revealed that ad perhaps drew only 3% of the visitors; 97% were on the beach anyway.

This debate must take place immediately. Dreadful consequences are building up as the inevitable result of the GBC's original deviations. Those reactions are ready to fructify. There is stin some chance that the civilized form of confrontation can save the situation.

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