TOC - Table Of Contents

TOC - Table Of Contents


Purpose of this Book

Preface - A Rude Awakening

Chapter 1 - They Will Just Be Showbottle
Purity is the real force behind any genuine spiritual movement. Prabhupada predicted his "leaders" would not live up to the standards he personally set.

Chapter 2 - Do Not Dishonor Me
The personal ambition of the "big guns" and how it has ruined the society, bringing dishonor to Prabhupada's good name.

Chapter 3 - Cheap Gurus, Cheap Disciples
The truth about the spiritual master. How becoming a bona fide guru is not by appointment, but by a lifetime of sincere hard work and devotion.

Chapter 4 - What Is Your Philosophy?
The first step to sanity: A logical and scriptural confrontation.

Chapter 5 - Just to Chastise the Evil Doers
Srila Prabhupada was not a sentimentalist. Rather he taught that violence is often necessary to combat evil. All else failing, it may be necessary to use force to stop the "guru" imposition in ISKCON.

Chapter 6 - Let Them Dig Their Own Graves
This famous quote by Sridhar Maharaja is one of hundreds of quotes contradictory to Srila Prabhupada's teachings, that helped ISKCON's appointed "gurus" to "dig their own graves." Unfortunately, ISKCON got buried as well. Srila Prabhupada had specifically warned not to take Sridhar Maharaja's advice.

Chapter 7 - A Very Human Story - Planting the Weed
How the "authorized" biography of ISKCON's founder minimizes the qualifications of a true saint, thereby giving full reign to charlatans eager to profit from their "guru business."

Chapter 8 - The Conspiracy
[Not complete] - A running history showing the most important events of the takeover and the efforts made to thwart it, beginning in 1977.

Chapter 9 - ISKCON Women: Protected or Exploited?
How ISKCON leaders, especially the "gurus" manipulate innocent women for their own selfish profit, adoration, and distinction. Thus ISKCON's 90% divorce rate. Also the real reason why Prabhupada gave sannyasa to his sexually inclined disciples.

Chapter 9 part one - General Principles On Women
Chapter-9 Part two - Modern Problems
Chapter-9 Part three - Women In Iskcon

Chapter 10 - A Crazy Man - Kirtanananda 'Swami'
The first in a series of exposes on corrupt ISKCON "gurus." The story behind his personality cult, including the truth about the "PALACE OF GOLD" tourist attraction in West Virginia.

Chapter 10 part one - Dont tell me about it - The Jadurani Incident
Chapter 10 part two - Nobody should go there
Chapter 10 part three - The truth about the Palace of Gold


Appendix 5 - Letter of Radhanatha Dasa to his "guru," Satsvarupa.

Appendix 8 - Rohini Kumar Swami's paper on "Regular Gurus."

1978 GBC Report on Women sexploitation techniques.

Mother Mahara's statement about abortion & illicit sex: The real New Vrindaban.

Appendix 18 - Interview on the subtle sex life of Hrydayananda.

Appendix 20 - The Real May & June "Appointment" Transcripts.

Appendix 22 - GBC Document rationalizes breaking marriages.
Rebuttal to the GBC document on the case: Sulocana vs. Kirtanananda

Interview about Women's sexploitation at New Vrindaban.

The Case of Sridhara Maharaj - Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Mayapur

DAS - Devotee Access Services -
An Inside Information Service for Devotees Everywhere.

The Kingdom - by Sulocana dasa

The End - In Memory Of Sulocana Das


The life Story of Sulocana & The Guru Business

PDF Documents Download - HTML Links

My Involvement in the Conspiracy to Murder Sulocana

The Murder of Sulocana

The Isckon killers who murdered Sulocana

Kuladri das aka Arthur Villa
Evidence points out that not only was KULADRI DASA (aka/ Arthur Villa) the ringleader in the conspiracy to commit murder of another devotee Sulochan (according to telephone switchboard operator/manager, Jyotirdhama dasa, who was at the time privy to all incoming and outgoing phone calls regarding the murder plot)

Killing for Krishna - The Danger of Deranged Devotion [PDF]
Henry Doktorski’s book gives an accurate account on the history of the New Vrindavan Hare Krishna community and the 1986 murder of the former New Vrindaban resident and Hare Krishna member Steven Bryant, (Sulochan dasa). Henry Doktorski, a former devotee and inhabitant of the New Vrindaban Community, is both personal witness and chronologist of most of the events described in this book.

The Religion Peddlers of IskCon
False Advertising In The Name Of God. - Selling Religion is a way of religious exploitation of the common masses.

Download Sulocanas book "The Guru Business" as PDF document