Conversation with Mother Mahara, Sept. 1984

Mother Mahara was the largest collector at New Vrindaban for many years. She must have donated over half a million dollars in that time and so naturally she was dearly loved and respected by all-until she discovered what follows.

Mother Mahara: I was bewildered a long time about New Vrindaban. When I left it I had a hard tune not going back. I wanted to go back, but the devotees would preach to me. And I'm glad I didn't go back, because I'm so much more sane now than I as before.

Sulocana dasa: I heard you'd made a statement that they don't let you learn anything there-just out on the pick.

MM: All you do...all I did was went out on the pick. No sadhana hardly at all.

SD: Is that true Dharmatma has sex with most of the women?

MM: Yep, a lot of them. He told one little girl to have an abortion that he had sex with.

SD: Really?

MM: Yep.

SD: Do you know that for a fact?

MM: I know it for a fact.

SD: Wow!

MM: Bhaktipada was right there.

SD: He approved it?

MM: Yeah. That's why I went to the GBC.

SD: What has the GBC done-anything?

MM: Yeah, well, they're separating the women now from Dharmatma. But I don't think all the women know even, about that. I don't care anymore. You know. I just feel that Prabhupada protected me and I feel I'm luckier than them because now I know. Srila Ramesvara is into book distribution but there is not much book distribution going on at New Vmdavana. But there's a lot of great devotees there-l love Kutila-she's great. I learned a lot from what I did, I performed a lot of austerities and Krsna's rewarding me now with all this nectar. I know more now about what Krsna consciousness is all about. I go on book distribution and preaching.